Salvation Army Social Housing

This commission covered two social housing projects in Auckland for the Salvation Army, one at Westgate, the other in Flat Bush. The purpose of the project is to provide for people in need by creating affordable housing and to create opportunities for a more social, neighbourly lifestyle than might be found in standard sub-divisions and to use landscape and greenspace to create a comfortable and engaging environment for residents. The dwellings consist of blocks of four apartments and in semidetached blocks of two. Urban design was an important part of the site planning, ensuring that the buildings relate well to one another and to the shared spaces and streets created between the buildings. These spaces are high in amenity and likely to be cared for by residents. They include communal food growing gardens and orchards and recreational activities such as chess and table tennis. Cycling and walking will be important means of transport for the residents and cycle shelters are provided together with a comprehensive hierarchy of foot access. Car parking is restricted to central, common car parks. This allows the immediate environment of the dwellings to be 'car-free' and hence a well planted, pedestrian friendly and high amenity setting for each home

Left: Render showing the proposed view from the street

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