Avondale Village

This project involved long term liaison with the development team on all aspects of urban design and landscape architecture. The final design integrated architectural and landscape elements and incorporated intensive hard landscape and carefully developed planting to make the residential environment highly liveable as well as satisfying stringent resource consent requirements.

In particular the internal courtyard was designed to foster a sense of pride and ownership, to enhance territorial definition and to make the most of the microclimate opportunities of a north facing site. The organisation of this shared space successfully avoided the dominance of vehicle activity and garaging, and the furniture and planting all helped to articulate a space in which pedestrians feel comfortable and encouraged to spend time. The relationship of the front blocks to the street was also carefully planned to achieve good urban design outcomes in a challenging location.

Left: Landscape site plan shows careful articulation of the spaces created by architecture, using paving finishes and planting to define vehicle, pedestrian and privacy gradients

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